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Zhejiang Zhengda Mould Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2003, located in Jinyun county, Zhejiang province. Our company covers an area of 60000 square meters. Gathers smelting, ESR, Forging, Hot-rolling, Cold-drawn, Heat treatment and Finish machining.

Professional in manufacturing of Directional Powder High Speed Steel, Tool & Die steel and Martensitic stainless steel. Product type including Round bar, Flat bar, Cold-drawn Steel wire, Hot-rolled steel strip etc. Meanwhile we also produce the Tool & Die parts, Pre-hardened Fine plate, Wood-working Planer Knife, HSS Tool bits, Semi-finished Punches, Tap, Drill etc.

Zhengda have the strong technical strength, long-term cooperate with Shanghai University and Beijing General Iron and Steel Institute.Major member of the Ministry of Science and Technology's "13th Five-Year Plan", in charge of key research and development project of High Speed Steel.The First Drafting Unit of "M35 High Speed Steel Standard" of “Made in Zhejiang”Successful research and developed  of our original and unique “Directional process”, spray forming, Three-pressure three-draw process for high-speed steel long bar.

The modification method of rare earth elements has won the China national invention patent, and the double refining process of hot working die steel has won the Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award.

Advanced production equipments, including Electric arc furnace, LF ladle refining furnace, Vacuum degassing furnace, Directional process, ESR ingot direct rolling and continuous rolling line, High vacuum annealing furnace, Four-roll cold drawing machine, Direct reading spectrometer, Oxygen and nitrogen tester,   Eddy flaw detector  etc.Pass the ISO 9001:2015 and established strict production and inspection system to ensure the quality and stability.

We are willing to establish long-term friendly cooperation with customers around the world and become your credible partner.




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